About us

We develop, produce and distribute innovative technology for agriculture.
Our focus is to make the work much easier for the farmer.

Since we ourselves operate an agriculture, we know the processes and challenges of the working day only too well and strive to use our products to optimize the processes accordingly.

Our first series product, the compact ventilation module for round bale aeration, was already very popular at the beginning and has proven itself for years on companies of all sizes throughout Europe.

The RMH Feed-pusher is a real relief.
Never before has hay, feed or silage been done so easily and quickly.
Available in five different widths and with any attaching plate.

As innovative as it is easy to handle, our RMH woodchip dryer,
with optional drying interval control. No more moist wood chips and best calorific values.
The foundation for an optimal calorific value lies in the heating material. Extensive long-term tests have shown that, in addition to the significant saving of heating material, the risk of seared chimney systems is also minimized.

With the RMH Scraper "Max" for stable floor and drain cleaning, the steps for a healthy cleanliness in the barn are made much easier. No more strenuous deporting of manure and leftovers - "Max" the reliable helper supports hundreds of companies every day and we get thanks to its first-class design and ergonomic operation, much positive feedback.

Convince yourself of our high quality products - Made in Austria.


A new day begins with the sun – a friendship with confidence

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The sun is a power station, which works around the clock without sending a billing.

Of course we can not do that, but we would also like to be there for you and give our best for you. We would be glad if you, too, become part of our circle of friends.