Woodchip Dryer

In addition to a poor calorific value, moist wood chips also reduce the life of the boiler.

A ventilation lance with small ventilation slots and permanently attached high-performance fan is inserted into a woodchip-heap and the ventilation process can be started.

5,5 - 7,1 m


3 kW




  • Dry Wood chips are increasingly becoming an issue for owners of woodchip heaters because moist woodchips not only have a bad calorific value, but also the service life of your boiler suffers.

    A ventilation lance with small ventilation slots and permanently attached 3 kW high-performance fan is inserted into a woodchip heap by means of a tractor 3-point or farm loader, the power cable is plugged in and the drying process can be started.

    Thanks to the integrated quick coupler, dry intake air can be supplied by a roof extractor or by a heating-radiator.

    No more moist wood chips and best calorific values.
    The foundation for an optimal calorific value lies in the heating material. Extensive long-term tests have shown that, in addition to the significant saving of heating material, the risk of seared chimney systems is also minimized.

  • There are three different lengths to choose from:

    Modell 5500 = 5,5m Length
    Modell 6300 = 6,3m Length
    Modell 7100 = 7,1m Length

    (The woodchip heap can be up to 2.5m longer)

  • lanze_3punkt

    RMH wood chips dryer lance in robust,
    galvanized version with ventilation slots and
    integrated 3-point connector.











    Detachable tip with Hardox scraper for transport and cleaning






    Transport via 3-point connector at the rear and laterally for lifting by pallet fork

    Flanged-on 3 kW high-performance fan with integrated quick-change coupler ø250mm for suction hose, screw-in cleaning opening.