Daily help,
easy to handle.

Relief for the daily work of feeding grass, silage or hay.

Admission for all farm equipment, such as Hoftrac, front loader, forklift or an old tractor.

1,30-2,35 m


65 cm


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    Pushing the grass, silage or hay is a really hard work and is child's play thanks to the new RMH feedpusher.

    Whether you want to use it on a Hoftrac, a front loader, a forklift or on an old tractor, it can be mounted any connector.

    Convince yourself of its robustness and the many possible applications of this new development.

  • futtersch_There are five different widths to choose from:

    Modell 1300 = 1,30m width
    Modell 1600 = 1,60m width
    Modell 1850 = 1,85m width
    Modell 2100 = 2,10m width
    Modell 2350 = 2,35m width

  • Body made of 8 mm sheet steel with 2 large rollers 208 mm diameter and adjustable scrapers, mounted on 35mm shaft with integrated flange bearings and maintenance-friendly lubrication points, hydr. driven over 200cm³ oil engine by means of claw coupling and vibration compensation. Divided 65cm wide industrial conveyor belt 3-ply with hot vulcanised conveyor lugs. Guide wheels made of POM plastic and wear strip made of hardox steel. Bolted recording. Special connectors on request.

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