For effortless and quiet
Clear snow.

Without gasoline and noise pollution.

6 - 8 hours

battery runtime

Body protection button

prevents pinching

Swiveling plow shield


  • snowmax

    The complete construction of the professional battery-operated machine is complete in stainless steel, and therefore a guarantee for a long life.

    The coupled, swiveling plow shield is briefly attached to the drive unit, which has a very positive effect on narrow roads.

    The drive via differential gear with 24V motor is very high quality and absolutely maintenance-free. The smooth operation of the machine is done via a comfortable tiller head with integrated body protection button, which makes it completely impossible to pinch the operator when driving backwards. The maximum speed can be infinitely pre-selected via a slider. The battery charge indicator and the main switch are very clearly integrated in the ergonomically shaped tiller head.

    The impact-resistant plastic cover protects the maintenance-free gel batteries and ensures optimal use of the device even at very low temperatures. The exhaust-free drive of the machine works quiet and without annoying gasoline stink.

    The wide tires provide optimum grip on any surface and are easy to clean.