Dehumidifier LE 316

Decreases the
Drying times enormous.

2 x 2,2 kW


316L / 24h (30°C / RH 80%)


Tandem chassis


  • With the new RMH dehumidifier, you can comfortably dry your round bales with dew-point and rainy weather, thus reducing your drying times enormously.

    The RMH dehumidifier consists of two dryer systems which are assembled in one device to operate the system in two different power levels.

  • Equipped with a power distributor with connector and outlet for the compact ventilation module.

    The dehumidifier can with full power level (2x 2,08kW) together with the compact ventilation module over only one
    16 A power outlet can be operated.




    A digitally adjustable hygrometer control switches the device off in dry intake air and automatically switches it on again in the evening, due to the dew-point or rainy weather.

    On the inside of the door of the dryer is an intake air filter, which should be cleaned if necessary.


    The side of a quick-change flange for the suction hose is provided, which allows the air-side connection to the ventilation module in seconds.


    The large wheels as well as the handles on both sides ensure good transport of the system.


    Furthermore a 5m long power cable is included to make the electrical connection between dehumidifier and ventilation module.